Email Submit Creator

Own Your Email Submits

A true way to generate revenue on the internet with Email Submit Offers.

  • Scalable Architecture

    You are purchasing the entire script not just a website that you won't be able to edit or scale to your needs.

  • Expense Tracking

    Easly track revenue earned setting thesholds to release offered merchandise.

  • Offer Tracking

    Add as many offers you would like and have them track through Postback or Pixel Tracking.

  • Real-Time Statistics

    Track all activities keeping fraud traffic low and earning high.

  • Exportable Info

    All user information stored in database and exportable to share information with 3rd party companies.

  • Customizable

    Application is fully customizable, written in PHP more fucntions can be added at any time.

  • Buy Email Submit Creator Now - $25.00

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Purchase & Download Now

Get immediate delivery of script after purchase using PayPal.

  • Install guide will accompany script; installation will need to be made on a server set up for PHP & MySQL.

Download page will follow PayPal Purchase page, if any problems arise in the download of script please don't hesitate contacting us in the Contact section.

The only Email Submit Script on the internet that gives you access to sourcecode!
Josh Silica, Dynamic Marketing, Inc.